Last night, Las Vegas played host to the Johnson/Weld campaign. I was fortunate enough to attend the rally at The Foundry inside the SLS hotel and casino.

This election has been chaotic and is led by two frontrunners, Clinton and Trump, many people are not that excited for. Enter the Libertarian ticket of Gary Johnson and Bill Weld.

Both men are former Republican Governors in predominately liberal states. Gary Johnson was a two term Governor for New Mexico and Bill Weld a two term Governor for Massachusetts. They bring to the race a dual message of fiscal responsibility and social liberty.

While their message is one of freedom, historically the Libertarian ticket has not faired well in the political world. At least up until now. This particular election has grown the Libertarian base in big ways.

For instance, the Johnson/Weld campaign has raised more money in the first two weeks of August than Johnson raised for his whole campaign in 2012. Gary Johnson and Bill Weld are starting to become less obscure candidates and more household name candidates. Most importantly, they are poised to take the stage for the Presidential Debates for the first time…ever.

Pretty impressive for laid back guys that show up in jeans to a campaign rally held in a nightclub!


Don’t let that laid back exterior fool you! Both men lowered taxes in their respective states during their tenures as Governors. Both men are insistent that, were they to be elected, they would send over a balanced and scaled back budget within their first hundred days in office. And that fiscal sense sets them apart from Clinton and Trump.

Aside from balancing budgets, both men laid out a platform of reduced government, reduced taxes, greater trade deals, opening truly free markets, immigration reform, and supporting the second amendment alongside opening discussions about screening for mental health issues and potential terroristic issues.

While they need to streamline answers to certain questions on religious freedom in business and use of Executive Orders, they are very clear about what a truly Libertarian presidency would look like; describing it as true bipartisanship throughout by having people from all political spectrums in their cabinet.

Their strength is in promoting free markets. Gary Johnson, a very successful businessman, is aware of the struggles that career carries. As a result, he is passionate about getting government out of business saying “Uber all the things! Take the middleman out of the equation!” and “Free market is devoid of government interference.”

This may be the year for the Libertarian ticket! Bill Weld summed it up well saying “When going into the last month before an election and you have the choice of money, organization, and momentum; You. Want. MOMENTUM!!” Hearing them speak live really gives a much better sense of their excitement, passion, and that amazing momentum.