I have a bone to pick with society. There’s a phrase I hear often, and heard a LOT when I got married. “Happy wife, happy life!” Really?!?!? Is that how it truly works? The wife always happy while the husband constantly works to maintain her happiness? Ummmmm no thank you!

My marriage is a partnership. We are BOTH allowed to be happy. We BOTH work at making each other happy. We BOTH are allowed to fail at that task. We BOTH forgive one another when expectations aren’t fully met.

Jokes about husbands only allowed to say “Yes, dear!” (there was actually a sitcom titled that) and saying the wife being happy makes everyone happy is absolutely demeaning to marriage.


You want a successful marriage? A truly successful marriage?

Be. Equal. Partners.

That’s it! Were you expecting a 12 page dissection of good communication, showing respect, being loving, supporting one another? Nope, not my style. Just be partners.

Partners do all those things listed above. Their individual success is so closely tied to one another that they WANT to have the other succeed.

Maybe it’s not all that mind blowing, but it so rarely gets said! Let’s change that phrase, that unbalanced phrase of “Happy wife, happy life!”, to a very balanced “Happy spouse, happy house!”


Because, in the end, isn’t that what we all want?