I’ve been watching the case to be made for allowing trans individuals to use the restroom/shower room of the gender they believe they are. The drive behind these laws is based in compassion.

Compassion for the individual uncertain about their own gender is understandable. But where is the compassion for the countless number of girls and woman at best uncomfortable, and at worst terrified, of the loopholes provided to lecherous men with evil intent?

We’ve already seen cases of this happening. The reason this happens is we are not allowed to question if someone IS trans. We just have to accept that no one would ever lie about such a thing.

I suppose no one reading this remembers the show Bosom Buddies? I know, I know, it’s stretching, but it was a show about 2 hetero guys who dressed as women to save money on rent. I may add they both fell for women living in the same building. I mean, yeah, it was a situational comedy, but these guys had access to seeing these women scantily clad WITHOUT the women knowing they were men!

Are we so willing to allow our daughters to change at the gym in front of a man in women’s clothing? How do we know which are trans/harmless like the aforementioned tv show, or dangerous sex offenders? Could you tell them apart?

The solutions are incredibly difficult to go over and acknowledge. Someone IS going to be hurt. But we can’t protect everyone all the time. So here are the 3 possibilities. 1) Go back to saying whatever genitalia you have is the bathroom you go in. This could disenfranchise approximately .3% of our population. 2) Use whatever bathroom you identify with. This has proven to put women in danger, so roughly 51% of our population. 3) Consider creating a gender neutral bathroom, smaller than other gender specific ones, and let the trans population decide where they prefer to be. Their actual gender, or the neutral room.

Laws based on compassion aren’t inherently bad. The trouble lies with whom you are being compassionate toward. Our job is to protect the vast majority. I’m no mathematician, but I am PRETTY sure 51% is greater than .3%. Criminals will exploit laws. They’ve already exploited this one. Are you willing to wait for physical assaults before repealing them? I’m not.