Tonight I saw a friend’s Facebook post where she used the phrase “A servants heart” and it got me thinking. In what ways am I showing a servants heart?

There’s the obvious answers of taking care of my family and friends, but those are things we should all be doing no matter what. No, a true servants heart goes deeper.

The key, I believe, is in being sacrificial. No, not actual sacrifices like at an altar; sacrifices of your wants to take care of others needs.


When was the last time any of us actually did this? Moreover, did it with a truly joyful heart? See, the sacrifice loses its meaning if you dwell on its loss. Giving up your seat on the bus, but then complaining how much your back now hurts isn’t showing a true servants heart.

I thought about this tonight because I am in the midst of being sacrificial for the benefit of others. The trouble is, I keep dwelling on the time I am missing with my husband, the wine I am not able to have right now and the sleep I am foregoing, but desperately needing. Why?

I am truly happy to help. I didn’t bat an eyelash when asked. It wasn’t even a QUESTION in my mind to say yes! And yet…

So how can I follow through this entire sacrifice with a servants heart? Number one, I need to get over myself. The whole point of me being here, instead of home, is so a husband CAN be there for his wife; so the children have normalcy in a chaotic time for them. And I want wine??? Please.

Number two, I need to lean more on Gods desire for my actions than my own. Only He knows what is best for me right now, and if He didn’t want/need me right here, right now, I would not be here. His plan is so much greater than the one I could conceive.

Number three, I need to relax. So I lose a little sleep! So I save my liver a night of intense filtering! So I see my family for a few less hours! It’s minor. Those things are fleeting, but the time I gave to this family is everything to them!

Is my servants heart restored? Mostly. I am human after all. I still want my version of tonight, but I am much happier to give it up to help those who truly need it. And that…that is the bottom line.

Don’t beat yourself up for wishing you didn’t have to be sacrificial. Just try to change the lamenting to fond wistfulness!