Nearly 15 years ago I became a mom. There’s a lot the books don’t prepare you for. One of those items is breastfeeding in public. It’s going to happen. That bundle of joy needs food almost all the time. So inevitably you will be grocery shopping, or out to eat, or at your older child’s soccer practice and your new baby turns into Audrey 2 from “Little Shop of Horrors” screaming “FEEED MEEEEEEEE!!!!!!”

What’s a mom to do?

Lately, a movement has taken hold that is promoting breastfeeding awareness. There’s even a hashtag of normalizebreastfeeding. I never knew people considered breastfeeding abnormal. What this new movement is trying to establish is that one does not need to cover up while breastfeeding because the act is a natural and necessary part of life. That baby needs to eat, so it’s no big deal for a woman to expose her breast to whomever is nearby.

As a mom of three, who had to breastfeed in public on multiple occasions, if find this line of thinking weird. Not because I am embarrassed about the fact that a baby needs to feed, not even because I object to nudity. No, I object to this stance because I don’t want my teenage son, who’s going through puberty, to see boobs when he’s at lacrosse practice, or the library, or while we’re out to eat.

These moms that feel they don’t need to cover up must have husbands that don’t mind sharing their wives bodies with just anyone. Hear me out. Husband and wife are connected to one another by various means, but the most intimate is that they know every curve, inch, imperfection, line, dimple, and shade of each other’s bodies. That is a beautiful thing!! Why would any husband be ok with the random person at the food court getting to see that which is only meant for him?

Yes, breastfeeding is natural and necessary. However, so is going to the bathroom, sex, and bathing. I assume the moms who feel it’s ok to whip out the boob, are less likely to say they would go to the bathroom while everyone watched. I am nearly positive none of those moms would find having sex with their husbands a public matter. Bathing? Well, hey, who knows where the line is drawn?

My point is this: yes, breastfeeding is natural. Yes, it is necessary. Yes, it is going to happen in public. Still, there is no credible reason why a mom can’t use a cover up for privacy sake. Some of the ones now are really cool! They tie around your neck and have a wire loop so you can keep an eye on baby. The material is lightweight and comes in all kinds of patterns and designs.image

Ladies, take pride in showing off your baby, not your boobies! Keep your body sacred for your husband. You can nourish your child in public without exposing yourself. I did it with my three, and not because I am a prude, or embarrassed about my body. I covered up because no one asked to see my boobs, and I am not one to share something if no one asked for it.