Recently, my middle child turned 10. Her wish was to have a real party. This may not seem an odd request, but her birthday is December 30th. While we are always able to make a big deal out of her birthday, it is not always easy to get even a few of her friends together over winter break for a party.



This year, I vowed to make it happen!


In October, we picked the venue. In November we bought the invites. A week before Winter break started she delivered the invites. I got one RSVP. Now readers, please don’t fret!!! We knew of 3 girls coming to the party already, so to have one more confirm was awesome!


The tricky part was the cake. You see, I have a shoe problem. By problem I mean I can see 15 pairs of shoes from where I sit, and I know there are at least 8 more out of my line of sight. I also may have just purchased a pair of Mukluks from a friend…but I digress. My point is, I have somehow transferred my shoe passion to my 10 year old. So much so, that when we were looking for cake ideas, she saw a picture on the internet of these amazing high heeled cupcakes. Guess what cake she HAD TO HAVE?!?!?


So, being the wonderful mother that I am, I gritted my teeth and said “Of course darling! Mommy can make that for you!”


Now, I do have a background in baking, and my decorating skills aren’t terrible, but the task at hand was daunting. Still, it was her 10th birthday and dang nabbit, I was going to give her what she wanted.



I have included some pictures of the cupcakes, not to brag, but to show you what 3 hours of baking/frosting making, 2 hours of assembly and 1 hour of transportation looks like from the determined mother.


I hear parents say all the time “There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for my child!”, and I can safely say, this is true for me!