Having been on Facebook for many years, and Twitter for just over a year, I have had to learn a whole new way to disagree with people. Through trial and error, I have come up with a fairly simple way to deal with family, friends, twitter/fb “friends”, stalkers and trolls.

Over the next few weeks, I will be highlighting some do s and don’t s when confronted with opposition.

Let’s start with the easiest foe on the list: the ever-so-lovely troll.

For most, a troll is merely annoying, but occasionally they can turn nasty and relentless. It is at this point that you must acknowledge their existence and shut them down.

If your troll is using proper grammar (and that is a big if) and speaking in a somewhat civil tone, I highly recommend challenging them in their facts and knowledge. A simple “Interesting point. Now where did you get your info? Sources please?” should suffice.

More often than not, this is when the troll engages in name calling and accusations that YOU are the one who is wrong. When this happens, just site your sources and do try to use small, monosyllabic words to make it easier for your poor, disillusioned troll.

One of your most effective tools against any type of troll is the screen shot. You see, tweets, posts and comments can be deleted, but a screen shot lasts FOREVER!!!!!!! Trolls will put up a brave front, but when even they realize they have gone too far (ie: threats and really bad information) they tend to remove what makes them look bad. Don’t let them get away with it!!!! Learn how to screen shot from every device you own. Also, the shots come in handy for another form of fighting: Using the troll’s own words against them!

See, what trolls do best is try and steer the conversation to a topic of their choosing. That’s fine, but it’s when they also start messing up their own talking points where screen shots help. You can refer back to them quickly and you can repost/retweet them to highlight the troll’s ineptness.

Of course the best way to lose a mild case of the trolls is to not feed them. But let’s be real…a troll makes your day when you can out wit, out argue and simply out them for the idiot that they truly are! So fight smart and WIN!