Dear Toure,

You recently voiced your reasons for keeping abortion “legal, safe and rare”.

I am now voicing my reasons why you are wrong…so very wrong.

In a former life, I was a bleeding heart liberal. I voted almost straight ticket Democrat. I wasn’t religious…I was “spiritual”. I thought abortion was necessary and a woman’s RIGHT to choose!

Hmmmm, a woman’s right to choose…choose what exactly? You said “I cannot imagine arguing against a woman’s right to control her body, and thus her life.” This was, of course, said in the context of choosing an abortion or not. Or more bluntly, to commit murder or bring forth life.

I wonder if you feel the same way about a woman’s right to choose whether or not to keep her legs closed or open them up? You see, choice starts LONG before anyone gets to the abortion decision. It starts with choosing someone to go out with on a date. Then choosing if you want to see them again. Your next choice is if you will kiss them or not. A further choice is deciding if you should have sex and when and why. Oh, but before then, you need to chose your form of birth control!

So many choices!!!! Well, good thing there really is only one true women’s choice. Killing your unborn baby. Yeah yeah, I know…it’s just a bunch of cells. Wait, no, maybe not. You said yourself “I saw how human they are at that stage and my life long belief in abortion rights was…let’s say…jostled.”

JOSTLED?!?!? Just jostled. Knowing you and that woman killed this “human” years back didn’t throw you into a complete tailspin???? Wow, maybe you really are inhuman.

But I digress. You went on to defend the decision to kill that baby with this gem “I wasn’t smart enough or man enough to build a family or raise a child.” But you were smart enough and man enough to have sex with a woman you readily admit you didn’t feel was the one. You put her at risk of disease and pregnancy because you were so smart and so manly right??? Well, I mean you two probably talked about the implications of having sex within a relationship where BOTH parties weren’t fully committed to one another, right? And your smart and manly conclusion was to go ahead and have sex anyway because you could always just make her have an abortion…I see.

Did you consider what that would do to her mentally and physically? Not to mention emotionally and spiritually…No, probably not because you weren’t smart enough or man enough. Not for that stuff, but you WERE for sex. Got it!

You really are a piece of work. However, now I want to delve into one of your statistics you put up. You used the Alan Guttmacher Institute stat of 87% of US counties have no abortion provider. This study was done in 2006. It also actually talks about no IDENTIFIED abortion provider. Interesting. I wonder what an identified provider is.

Anyway, I looked up some numbers. There were 1.21 million abortions performed in 2008. The closest population number I could find was for 2011 and it was roughly 311 million people. That means there was approximately .5% of the population who had abortions. Which means 99.5% did NOT have one. So, yeah, I am ok with 13% of our counties providing a service .5% of the populace uses. Actually, no I am not, but the stats do seem to support that the need is being MORE than met.

Your throwing that stat of 87% up was deceitful without showing the stats I just did.

Overall, I would hope you could see that life…ALL life…is precious and needs to be protected. Would a pregnancy create major obstacles for some people? Absolutely it would. But it isn’t the baby’s fault. So why does the baby need to pay the ultimate price for the parents lack of self control and planning?

You talked a lot about family planning and that that would make our society stronger. On that, we agree. Family PLANNING is key. So let’s send the message that until and unless you are smart and mature enough to build a family, you should NOT have sex!!! Let’s stop this messaging of “Don’t worry…you can always kill that baby you made out of a stupid, selfish and rash decision, so sleep with everyone!!! It’s A OK!!”

Nope, guess that’s too smart and mature for you to promote. Face it. You are still that scared boy who decided to kill a baby with little to no remorse. You never learned it was wrong to murder. So sad.


A proud mother of three